Värvipüstol 1.4 / 1.7mm, 600ml


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Paint spray gun with accessories


Dimensions (W / H): 20 x 48.5cm
Set weight: 1kg
Weight incl. Packaging: 1,13kg

Paint spray gun HVLP
Nozzle: 1.4 / 1.7mm
Color container: 600 ml
pressure reducer
filter element
assembly key
Only with the right equipment, the painting of certain objects to a satisfactory result. With a correct paint spray gun not only the dosage can be changed, also the adjustment and reduction of the working pressure is enormously important. Our HVLP spray gun combines all the important and necessary properties, thereby achieving optimum results and saving paint and varnish.
Our complete set contains two nozzles in different sizes, this allows a wide area use in different areas. You can make 3 direct setting: air metering + paint / paint metering + paint spray flow. The gun has two independent mechanisms for starting the air ejection and for switching on the paint or the paint. When the lever is pressed lightly, the air ejection starts, air escapes from the nozzle. It is only when the lever is fully pushed in that the addition of color starts, which produces an optimal color image and can compensate for lighter areas or blow the nozzle clean before it starts. The paint or varnish passes directly and without detours into the air flow, which has a positive effect on the working speed and the quality of the surfaces to be varnished. The set includes a pressure reducer with level indicator, so you can adjust the color level perfectly and easily. The filter element in the set removes condensed water from the compressed air, resulting in a uniform color image without disturbing water spots.

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